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    1, Values??: Employees First, Customers Second, social third, fourth benefit
    2, Talent: Talent is the first productive force
    3, The employment outlook: Sage living on the home side wise, capable center, the levels were in retreat, merit, meritocracy
    4, The management concept: Times New Roman Asia each employee should have its own goals and price-oriented, management should be just a guide rather than control
    5, THe quality concept: We require staff in ambition, character, ability, willpower, integrity and unity of multidimensional
    6, The growth outlook: Each success is only the cornerstone of the next challenge, rather than capital brought pride
    A  man Concept: If the heart pure, Chi as Adamantite
    8, Work concept: Every one remarkable event, are formed by the accumulation of every little thing
    9, Consciousness: New Roman Asia are a team, you are doing every job, we are all behind you
    The  competition concept: the absolute sense of competition, dare to fight philosophy of life, good group fighting ability and the strength of David and Goliath


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